Blogging Schedule

Nothing tempts the fickle fingers of fate like announcing a schedule for your blog, but we here at the.educationalizer [name pending] are throwing caution into a sack, tying the sack to a brick, and tossing the whole bundle into a fire.

time-fliesFor the foreseeable future, my plan is to post something every weekday. Mondays and Fridays will focus of topics of interest in education and ESL, hump day will be “Worksheet Wednesday”, while the 2 T’s will be quick little snippets, re-blogs, memes, inspirating ephemera, or infographics.

Sounds fun, right?

Resources for New Bloggers

As part of my presentation for Sehir University’s ELT Day, I am sharing some links to useful sites for new bloggers. Enjoy! If you find some others that you’d like to recommend, please let me know.

The Non-designer’s Guide to WordPress – a great presentation covering a variety of good design practices.

Colourlovers – A great site for finding color palettes and design ideas.

WP Beginner – Full of useful stuff for newbies.

Fabulous Blogging – A veteran blogger shares her knowledge with the masses.

Beginner’s Guide to Social Media: Blogging

Blogging Best Practices

Is your blog built to last?

How to Succeed (or Fail) at Blogging


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