From time to time (i.e. when I’m too busy or lazy to write a longer post), I’ll share with you a few sites that are well worth your time and attention.


Some current Edutopia articles.

You know about this site, right? I feel like I was late to the party in discovering this wonderful, thoughtful collective. Frequently updated with insightful essays and reviews written by educators for educators, Edutopia is probably the education site I read more often than any other. Not everything applies to the ESL world, but even topics that aren’t so relevant almost always contain something interesting for any teacher.


What? The site where bored hipster women with way too much time on their hands show how much better they are at turning expensive junk into even better looking, more expensive junk? Yes! But it’s not just for hipster with cases of ModPodge and glue guns in quick-draw holsters anymore. Pinterest has neat stuff for educators coming out the elegantly ruffled, vintage doily-covered wazoo. I’ve found useful infographics for printing, great warmers and activities, and helpful app reviews every time I’ve visited the site. Just do a search for something like ‘Edtech’ or ‘apps for teachers’ or ‘ESL grammar’ and you’ll be swarmed with useful pins. You can even follow my teaching board if you are so inclined, though I don’t update it all that frequently.

Purdue OWL

owl_headerThis one is a bit more specific. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab is an academic resource of high caliber. You won’t find present continuous worksheets for your kindergarten ESL class here. What you will find are serious explanations of important writing and grammar topics that students in an EAP environment will greatly benefit from. And if you yourself are a little hazy on the finer points of essay writing, OWL could be just the ticket.