At our general staff meetings, our director will often ask us for feedback on the program and suggestions for improvement. On a few of these occasions, I’ve posited the idea of getting rid of the mid-term tests or reducing the importance of various assessments. These suggestions are not taken terribly seriously. Schools love grades. Whenever you here about a school that doesn’t use grades, it usually as a joke about hippies and new age foolishness.

gradesI’ve long been an opponent of grades, and I say this as someone who got good grades in school (if you don’t count the last year of college…*shudder*). Personally, I feel like grades are more often used as a way to generate chartable data and too oftennot fully indicative of students’ actual abilities. I will say, our English prep program does a mostly good job in assessing readiness for faculty work. But, I still find grades distasteful. I have some ideas about how we could handle a grade-less system, which I will write more about in the future.

This article on Edutopia hit a sweet spot for me. Take a gander: When Grading Harms Student Learning | Edutopia.