For this week’s worksheet, it’s a 4-nanza! Have you ever tried any station learning worksheetactivities in your ESL class? They’re a classic tool for young learners in native language classes, but they can be an excellent way to liven up your older-learner ESL classroom as well. In the university prep program where I teach, I’ve used stations in my classes for the past 4 modules, and they’ve mostly been very well received. (The first time I did it, I didn’t really explain it to the students that well, so they were a tad bit confused. Oops!)

So, for this week’s Worksheet Wednesday, I’ve included the 4 pages you would need to run this station learning activity. It’s an elementary level review activity, with a reading passage, adjectives of emotion, simple sentences, and error correction. I’m sharing these with you more to give you some ideas, not necessarily for you to use them directly, though you are completely welcome to if they meet your needs. If you do use them, you’ll need to do some cutting for each station. And since these are provided as examples, I didn’t make an answer sheet and the instructions are very light. Caveat emptor.

Station 1: simple sentences stations – station 1
Station 2: simple sentences stations – station 2
Station 3: simple sentences stations – station 3
Station 4: simple sentences stations – station 4


These worksheets are considered Creative Commons licensed; you can modify use them if you want in your classroom. If you redistribute them, though, we would like to be acknowledged, and don’t even think about selling them! It would be awesome of you to let us know if you use any of our worksheets, and if you see any mistakes or have any suggestions, please let me know!