via Teacher unleashes Facebook tirade about why she is quitting after 30 years.

While many of these points don’t fully resonate with my experience in the ESL education industry, others do. And we can certainly empathize with all of them. According to the author, Kathy Margolis, after 30 years, she decided to quit a job that she loves because the conditions have become so intolerable. Overcrowded classrooms, overstuffed curriculums, overemphasis on tests at the expense of play and other important developmental activities, and the like have made teaching a nightmare. Plus, people think that teachers have cushy jobs with vast amounts of paid time off, a common refrain but one that ignores reality.

Even though Margolis is talking about Australia, she could just as easily be talking about America or many other places.

What do you think? Is she exaggerating or is she right on the money?