school-1063556_640Culled from translators volunteering their talents to help the TED Open Translate Project, these suggestions could be useful to share with your students…or for your own learning. Maybe you can think of some ways to integrate some of their ideas into your own classrooms.

A sample from the article:

7.  Do not worry about making mistakes. One of the most common barriers to conversing in a new language is the fear of making mistakes. But native speakers are like doting parents: any attempt from you to communicate in their language is objective proof that you are a gifted genius. They’ll appreciate your effort and even help you. Nervous about holding a conversation with a peer? Try testing your language skills with someone a little younger. “I was stoked when I was chatting with an Italian toddler and realized we had the same level of Italian,” recalls German translator Judith Matz. And be patient. The more you speak, the closer you’ll get to the elusive ideal of “native-like fluency.” And to talking to people your own age.

How to learn a new language: 7 tips from TED Translators